What’s the Best Battery Chainsaw? Reviews, Ratings, and Buying Guide

Battery Chainsaw Reviews

Looking for the best cordless chainsaw to help you knock out your DIY List, then you’ll love our battery chainsaw reviews. All Lawncare experts agree that battery chainsaws are the best choice for the average homeowner. They have grown in popularity because of their many advantages for the average user. Some brands deliver a quality, reliable, and powerful saw, yet others provide click-bait junk in hopes the user will never use it and leave a review.

So you’re looking for battery chainsaw reviews? To help answer that we have created the GO TO site for everything related to these saws.

Not only are we providing reviews, we want to help educate you to decide if this purchase is right for you. Sometimes jobs are best left to the professionals, but often, you can purchase a battery chainsaw for cheaper than having an expert to your house one time. Then every time you have a branch to take down after that, you’re saving money.

Not to mention the satisfaction of taking a saw and completing your daily tasks yourself. Our list below contains the top of the food chain. We left out the complete junk products to help you cipher through the best cordless chainsaw reviews

Battery Chainsaw Reviews 2019

If you’re looking for a quick rundown of the best battery chainsaw reviews check out our top five reviews so you can buy the one that suits you today

ProductBattery  SizeBrandVoltsChain LengthPricingBest Deal
Dewalt 60V
DeWalt 60v
LargeDeWalt60v16″$320-$350Where To Buy
Ego 56V
LargeEgo56V14″$270-$320Where To Buy
DeWalt 40V
MediumDeWalt40V16″$350-$400Where To Buy
Greenworks 40V
MediumGreenworks40V12″$140-$180Where To Buy
DeWalt 18V
CompactDeWalt18V12″$140-$200Where To Buy
Worx 20V
Worx 20v
CompactWorx20V12″$120-$180Where To Buy

DeWalt 60v Chainsaw

DeWalt is by far the most trusted brand when it comes to battery tools. After sampling all the electric chainsaws, its no surprise DeWalt ended up on top of our battery chainsaw reviews. (That doesn’t mean we won’t also show you alternatives that were close seconds for better prices). DeWalt comes in three different sizes, and you can review our DeWalt battery chains reviews guide here.

The DeWalt 60v battery chainsaw comes standard with a 16” Oregon bar that dominates in outdoor cutting applications; you won’t have to be wary of rust when using outside in the elements.

Next, in line, It offers a chain tension-er built in, so a loose chain is an easy fix.

There is a chain brake for kickback protection. Kickback protection is an important feature that will keep you safe even if user error is the issue.

DeWalt also offers a variety of reliable tools that are compatible with this battery. Next time you need to make an outdoor purchase, you’ll just be building your battery collections to keep you in business.

Where To Buy

DeWalt 60v Battery Chainsaw Review

Ego 56v Chainsaw

The ego 56v Chainsaw offers a secondary option the DeWalt 60v chainsaw. If you’re on a budget, this may be the option for you. It has an excellent cutting power, especially compared to the smaller options listed below, but it doesn’t hold up to the Dewalt 60V option. ego 54v

It has a lot of features also included in the Dewalt saw. Such as a lubricating blade, and a kickback protection feature.

And after that, it is even superior in battery life. It makes 100 cuts before charge compared to the deWalts 70.

You will be disappointed with a 14in bar. Smaller than DeWalt’s. Also, it doesn’t offer the variety of tools available in the DeWalt collection.

Where To Buy

DeWalt 40v Chainsaw

For the middle sized battery chainsaw, DeWalt doesn’t have the edge. There are great features listed below, but the Greenworks saw is superior in the 40v category.

DeWalt 40v

This product delivers the performance of gas with the convenience of cordless. It also contains a powerful brushless motor and an almost zero kick back.

Like the 60v product it comes standard with a 16-in Oregon bar and chain, this chain saw will cut through a variety of cutting diameters with the cut speed of gas, and reliability of battery-powered equipment. The product optimizes the convenience contains auto-oiling with LubriLink and LubriWell to guarantee smooth cuts, long chain life, and almost no maintenance.

The oil cap offers a quarter turn system for speedy oil re-fills.

It also comes with a tool-free tensioning system which lets the user maintain the tightness of the blade without tricky maintenance.

This chainsaw is also equipped with a chain brake for kickback protection, along with a variable speed trigger for user control. Although at the price point, the only reason to purchase this saw over the 60v would be because you own tools or want to buy devices from the DeWalt 40v parts collection

Where To Buy

Greenworks 40v Chainsaw

Greensoworks electric chainsaw is an excellent solution to your homeowner chainsaw solutions. It also is our best chainsaw for the money. This chainsaw will give you everything you need when it comes to having a cordless saw.

The Greenworks 40v saw comes with brushless motor provides your tool with extended run-time, extended torque, and extended power. The engine allows less wear and tear, lengthen the lifetime of Greenworks 40vthe machine.

A nice feature of this tool is it’s Compatible with the G-MAX 40V Li-Ion System offering a large variety of tools to choose from the help you keep your yard nice and clean.

The Brushless design of the motor offers up to 70% less vibration for the comfort of the user. It also has the standard safety features recommended to keep yourself safe. The user safety will be a focus of the design team because they added the Chain brake and low kickback chain.

Where To Buy

DeWalt 20v Chainsaw

The 20v DeWalt cordless saw has our highest regard on this review in the 20v range. It is more expensive than the Worx saw, but the battery can be used on over 140+ different tools. IF you are a homeowner and looking for a low maintenance saw with over 140 other uses, then this is the saw for you.

DeWalt 18v

It’s the same battery that can power your cordless reciprocating saw, cordless drill, or even your cordless stereo. The features of the saw are listed below.

It comes standard with a Low kick back 12″ Oregon Bar and chain, which is designed for outdoor use and limits rust.

It comes with its high-efficiency brushes motor to increase run time and motor life. The chain operates at 25feet/sec.

The Product comes tool-free chain tensioning and Bar tightening knob which allows for quick chain tightening.

Where To Buy

20v Chainsaw

The Worx Worx 20v chainsaw is the cheapest model that we have reviewed. This saw will assist you in basic homeowner chainsaw tasks and save you a lot of money in the process.

This tool does not provide the same arsenal of options with the battery that comes with other options, so this is just a viable option if you only need the product for chainsaw related tasks.Worx 20v

The specifications are as follows.

The 20v Worx saw provides an automatic, tool-free tension system for the chain.

Like all the saws we provided it has a self-lubricating system with an Automatic chain Lubrication with oil level indicator

It has a very light design with compact infrastructure.

It includes 20V Battery and charger included. You can also use the battery with multiple WORX tools within the 20V power share tools.

Where To Buy

Best Electric Chainsaw Oil

After reading these battery chainsaw reviews now you know that all electric chains use bar and chain oil for proper lubrication. An automatic oiler provides lubrication to the chainsaw bar.

There is a groove that the chain sits on at the bar that supplies lubrication as the chain continuously travels through the rotation around the stationary bar. Friction and heat are in control by a string and bar oil. When this happens, it reduces damage to the engine and extends the life of your chainsaw.

We have found the best bar oil for an electric chainsaw and provided you with two options. There is a high-end option for the user that wants to maximize the maintenance of the saw, and also an option that will save the user some money.

Where to buy the Best Cordless Chainsaw?

You can find the link for the guaranteed lowest price in our Battery chainsaw reviews table above. Doing something good for your yard has long related to time intensive or complicated process, a credible deterrent for many potential buyers.

This process may have also lead you to the conclusion that once a product has been found, where would you buy it without taking a risk on spending too much, or even worse, getting the wrong product?

The process is especially true when finding a reliable place to buy an electric chainsaw.

We have painstakingly researched to find the most reliable suppliers on the market that produce not only the most effective but also the safest electric chain saw.

We know that the selection process contains precise levels of happiness that may influence your journey. Because of this, we have made sure to provide in-depth battery chainsaw reviews of the best saws on the market, so that you can stop questioning where to buy a cordless chainsaw.

With questions like, “Where can I buy a cordless chainsaw?” also come other issues of what specific battery chainsaws are truly worth investing in and why?

Should I give it a shot?

Of course, they work! In addition to being the top-rated electric saws in user reviews, the science proves it. User trials have our list of a battery-powered tool is the unique natural solution to completing your to-do list.

After diagnosing studies, we compiled all the information you need. We have given the user all the information to make an informed decision.

You can now buy an electric chainsaw with confidence. There won’t be a doubt in your mind when you start taking down trees in your front yard. Your neighbors will be envious when you tell them how good of a deal you got because you will know you got the best chainsaw for the money.

We Hoped these Battery Chainsaw Reviews Helped you with your new purchase.

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