DeWalt 60V Battery Circular Saw Review


If you’re looking to buy the elite of the elite Battery Circular Saw, then look no further! This DeWalt 60v Battery Circular Saw Review will let you know why this is the product for you. There is nothing better than buying an item that you know is backed by the best warranty, and also is something that will last you a very, very long time; if properly maintained.

DeWalt is a brand that is going to make you feel confident when you purchase from them. This DeWalt 60v Battery Circular Saw is nothing short of one of their best products. Carpenters and Extreme Do It yourselves alike will find this to bet the right circular saw for them

There are many aspects of this saw that makes it the best of the best, and we will go describe them below.

Main Highlights – DeWalt 60v battery circular sawDeWalt-60V

The Dewalt 60v Saw is one that is packed with features, and we reviewed the product and now have a list full of the main highlights that will really describe how this saw works. DeWalt always gets down to the nitty-gritty of what customers are looking for. Buying from an elite company means they have used focus groups and other methods to make sure we are getting exactly what we want. 


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Brushless Motor

What are two of the most important things that come to mind when you’re buying a circular saw? Runtime and Durability are the two most important things to us. That is why we love Dewalt’s move to use the brushless motor.

Brushless Motors are notorious for lasting longer than non-brushless. Recent studies have actually proved the brushless motor lasts up to 30% longer than the alternative. To us, that’s a no brainer. I don’t want to have to keep throwing money into something required in my tool arsenal. There is no reason for it and we won’t stand for it. 

The brushless motor puts out more power without using as much energy. That allows the battery life to last way longer. Being on a job with a dead battery is one of the worst feelings in the world. Even if you have a charger, it still takes a lot of time. If you’re buying a circular saw as nice as this one then you know as well as We do, time is money.

The brushless motor will give you everything you’re looking for and we can’t wait to hear what you thought about it.


Comfort and Visibility

This saw is completely un superior when it comes to our next favorite two aspects of a circular saw. Comfort and Visibility are two things that will allow you to continue to make straight cuts all day long!

Sometimes the product isn’t at fault as much as the user when it comes to delivering on making a really nice project come to life. User error is something that everyone deals with. Whether your tired, unskilled, or the product doesn’t meet the criteria you need to make good cuts. This saw will help minimize user error just because of the unique design

The DeWalt 60v battery circular saw is designed with the blade oriented to the left of the motor and the handle positioned at the rear of the saw for easy line of sight. This allows you to see what ur cutting! This may seem like a no brainer but you’d be surprised how many saws get this wrong.

This saw also comes with a dust blower that keeps the dust out of your way. Dust will block your line of sight causing you to miss the line you have marked up, but not only that, it will clog your saw! Maintaining your saw for its maximum life period starts with keeping debris out of the moving parts.

Another feature that allows you to make straight cuts is the LED light. That light helps you line up your blade with the line you have created. Making for perfect cuts, even at nighttime!

Blade Brake – DeWalt 60v Battery Circular Saw

The last thing we like about this unique saw is its attention to safety. If you’ve ever used a circular saw it should be easy for you to imagine how accidents could happen. There is a spinning blade that is very sharp and designed to cut through things.

Dewals effort to safety is obvious by the chain brake they put on. It’s an electronic brake that helps the blade stop when the trigger is not being pushed.

When you’re using the saw it’s not hard to get careless, from being tired or from being distracted. Thas why Dewalt has out back and put on a brake system that will stop the motor.

All in one System

Once you select to go this journey and acquire this saw, you will never be in uncertainty what to buy next time you need tools. Since you will now have the battery, the tools themselves are very affordable. Or you could grow your battery stockpile every time you buy a saw then you will have the runtime that is very excellent to other tools because you can keep multiple batteries charged.

The best part about buying this DeWalt 60v battery circular saw is the fact that it is part of the Dewalt all in one system. Dewalt has 180 devices that fit this collection. For a small carpenter company or an average homeowner, the perks of this is evident.

dewalt 60v Tools

Example of tools

There are so many useful tools that come in the Dewalt 60v System. For one, you can get one of the best chainsaws in the business. For someone who does even a small amount of home projects, this chainsaw saw trumps all of the competition. Someone who uses a chainsaw daily would find this very useful.

These gadgets are also perfect for the small carpentry because you can see bu a string trimmer, or even a blower. The string trimmer is powerful enough to cut through even the most robust edges. The string timer is also very lightweight and super easy to use. You can finish it very well making your skills top notch.

The blower is even more satisfying. Gas blowers don’t have the edge in energy opposed to these battery blowers. The average landscape will have no problem using this to blow off everything in their path. And it is very lightweight, which is very convenient for anyone. It makes doing the work so much more manageable, and that allows the user to refrain from getting exhausted.