2019 Best Cordless Circular Saw – Reviews, Ratings, and Buying Guide


The market has so many with saws at the moment, so we provided you with the elite battery circular saw reviews. We have researched the circular saw industry and compiled a list of the best battery circular saws. We have favor certain saws in our studies, but anything you purchase from this site will be a massive benefit to your DIY project.

If you’re here, you probably have it in your mind that a corded electric saw isn’t going to cut it. There are many flaws with a cordless saw. One issue is having to provide electricity. You’re not always going to find yourself in a situation where power is easily accessible. The money you save buying a cheap corded circular saw you would lose inexpensive extension cords.

Another issue is the safety hazard of cutting next to a cord. The cord can catch on the saw sending your saw out of control, or you can trip on the annoying rope-like cord that wants to wrap around your feet.

Below you will find our rigorous research guide to help you make an educated purchase that gets you the best circular saw for your money.

Battery Circular Saw Reviews 2019

If you’re looking for a quick rundown of the best battery circular saw reviews check out our top reviews so you can buy the one that suits you today

ProductBrandVoltsBlade SizePricingBattery IncludedBest Deal
DeWalt 60V
DeWalt60V7-1/4″$230NoWhere To Buy
Black & Decker 20V
Black & Decker20V5-1/2″$65NoWhere To Buy
DeWalt 20V
DeWalt20V7-1/4″$130NoWhere To Buy
Porter-Cable 20V
Porter-Cable20V6-1/2″$62NoWhere To Buy
Ryobi 18V
Ryobi18V5″$40NoWhere To Buy

DeWalt 60v Circular Saw

DeWalt is considerably the most excellent name when it comes to battery tools. The DeWalt 60V Circular Saw is leaps and bounds better than the competition. It has a very steep price, but a daily framer could even use this tool. We understand that 90% of the people purchasing saws don’t need this much power, but we promise the best of the best, and this is it.

Don’t worry; we have cheaper options below that are great for the average homeowner; in this battery, circular saw reviews.


The features of this tool are endless, but we’ll describe our favorites.

It comes standard with a high-grade magnesium show, and a brushless motor. This saw will last as long as you need it for with no shortage of cost in design.

Next, in line, it comes with an integrated dust blower to keep your eye on your cut. If what you’re doing matters, there’s no better way to ensure accuracy than to be able to see what you’re doing. It also has a rafter hook included, which may not seem important but having a safe place to set your saw down ensures the safety of the product, and yourself. 

The bevel capacity is top notch; it has a Bevel capacity of 53° with stops at 45° and 22.5°.

The tool only operates at a 20V power supply, which may seem unnecessary to you to purchase the 60V, but how long the battery will stay charged. 

Furthermore, this is by far our favorite circular saw for the price, and it’s probably yours too, but there are some great options below that will keep you under $100

Where To Buy

Black & Decker 20V Circular Saw

Next up in our battery circular saw reviews is the Black & Decker. We saw this product got great reviews, so we tried it ourselves, and it lived up to the hype. It comes from a great brand, with excellent warranty protection and customer service. It also comes at a price that is perfect for the average homeowner

You can get the Saw, a blade, a drill, and a battery/charger for cheaper than the Dewalt 20V saw alone.


It has a lot of features, just like our other elite saws, so you can still knock out your project

It has a high torque motor that pushes the five 1/2in blade. The blade is smaller than DeWalt’s, but it will still be perfect for most projects.

It comes with a tool-free depth of cut adjuster, which makes like so much easier when changing woods. It also has a level adjustment that can cut at 45 degrees. For the crafty user, this is a very subtle adjustment to make angled cuts.

Overall we enjoyed this saw, for the price it is our homeowner favorite, although our other options were close seconds, and the Dewalt 20V is slightly superior.

Where To Buy

DeWalt 20V Circular Saw

For the compact battery circular saw, we also believe Dewalt has the edge. It has a lot of the same features that make the 60V great, like the large blade size and power. We have to give DeWalt the edge.


As mentioned above, the Dewalt offers a 6.5inch blade, which is superior to any of the other 20V saws. It probably won’t come into play much, but you’d rather have it when you need it.

LIt comes with a few features that make Dewalt great. It has an over-molded grip to provide comfort to your hand, to allow straight smooth cutting. 

It comes standard with a 5,150 RPM motor that cuts through even the hardest woods with a breeze.

We have no choice but to deem this our favorite 20V saw, in our battery circular saw reviews. It is superior to the other saws in design. It also has the magnesium design that the 60V DeWalt has. 

Where To Buy

Porter and Cable 20V saw

The porter and Cable is our number one option if you want the same size blade as the Dewalt 20V but also would like to save yourself some money. For the average homeowner, that is only going to be completing projects from time to time; this is the best circular saw for the money. Porter-Cable-20V

As mentioned above it has the size and power to move a 6.5in blade, allowing you to cut through very thick material.

Buying from another reputable brand is also a good idea. This saw comes with the best warranty. It has a three year; no questions asked, guarantee to allow you to purchase with extreme confidence.

We liked this saw a lot. It’s a must-have for the light users’ collection, we have one more saw to review in our battery circular saw reviews, and it is listed below

Where To Buy

Ryobi 18V Circular Saw

The last saw in our battery circular saw reviews is the Ryobi 18V circular saw. Ryobi is a very reputable brand, and this saw was personally in our collection for a while. It is great because the battery can power over 40 tools. The Ryobi saw it is a one-stop shop option for the average homeowner who wants to have a variety of instruments.


the Ryobi blade is nothing to write home about, it is only 5.5 inches, but it can cut through 2×4-10 boards and plywood which are the primary uses of a circular saw.

It boasts a few convenient features like the invisible guard to allow you to make quick and precise cuts that are visible.

Next, it comes with a bevel adjuster like all saws, which will always come in handy. 

But then, it also has an extra side handle for the user that likes to get adventurous when making cuts.

The Ryobi battery is out the last review, but it is still a great purchase. The price is perfect like all their tools, so it allows homeowners to build a cheap but purposeful arsenal of equipment.

Thanks for reading all of our battery circulars saw reviews.

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Best Aspects of Circular Saws

Circular Saw Power

While some people consider power somewhat irrelevant, it’s pretty significant, especially if you’re a professional. We paid close attention to it in our battery circular saw reviews. Although there aren’t many control deviations on the market, the difference between a 10-amp and 15-amp motor are massive. However, people who irregularly use these tools don’t need more than 10-12 amperes for conventional wood cutting. On the other hand, specialists do need quite a bit of power if they want to reduce downtime and increase their productivity. The standard amperage for particularly influential models is around 15 amps.

Circular Saw Ease of Use

Many of these machines look quite comparable to each other. Nevertheless, there are some significant differences that you should consider. Ease of use, however, is something you can’t do online. You can only make our word for it. Instead, the perfect thing would be is to take yourself to a hardware shop and look at the diversity in person. That way you can pinpoint the exact thing you want rather than guessing based on online surveys and records.

Furthermore, if you can’t visit a supply store in person, make sure to look for the easy-to-use designs online. Experts already know what to do when it comes to choosing the right unit for their projects.

Circular Saw Pricing

The pricing is one of the most critical aspects of choosing the right circular saw. If you’re a professional, then you want a product that is going to last you a lifetime. If you’re the average homeowner, you may just be completing one project and then selling the product back to further your return on investment. We provided enough battery circular saws for you to choose what is going to work best for you.

We will compare all of these the battery circular saw reviews listed above.

Where to buy the Best Cordless Circular saw?

So where can you buy the best circular saw? We have looked all over the web, and we know the best place. We understand how important convince for the average person browsing the internet, so all of our products are readily available to be shipped

Then, we also found the perfect things for homeowners, which is free shipping. Free shipping on a regular saw is every mans dream. You can choose the best model, wait two days, and then you have your awesome new toy sitting on your doorstep when you get home. What more can you ask for, when choosing a saw?


We can’t wait to hear from you; we hoped this review was perfect for your needs

How To Use a Circular Saw

Once you’ve read this battery circular saw reviews, you might be wondering the best way to use a circular saw. Using a circular saw can be a tough task for someone who’s never done it. It will bounce on you, and it is difficult to keep straight without practice. We found a video to help you educate yourself on how you use a saw.

We recommend watching the video above if it’s your first time using a circular saw. True professionals made this video, and it will show you how to put your blade on as well.


Furthermore, It will also teach you how to adjust the angle of your saw, and how to change the cutting length. Probably something you didn’t realize you could do, so now you can kill it in your new DIY project.

We hope you enjoyed the best battery circular saw reviews

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