Kobalt 40V Pole Saw Review

Kobalt is, without a doubt, one of the most trusted brands when it comes to battery tools, which is why we enjoyed creating a perfect Kobalt 40V  pole saw review. Having Kobalt on your side is something that should give you a huge piece of mind when you make a decision about choosing a pole saw. You can be sure that Kobalt will honor its warranties. Another significant aspect of buying from a trusted brand is the apparent notion that when something breaks or goes wrong with the saw, you will be able to find common solutions online to help you out.

After examing everything in our review, we weren’t surprised when we were impressed with the Kobalt 40V pole saw review. The best pole saw in the game trumps the competition at the lower price range and maintains integrity with the other big brands that come into mind for battery tools. The battery for this tool had a high lifetime, which is something important. It has come standard with everything you need to keep the saw safe and operating at a high standard.

This saw would be great for an average homeowner who doesn’t want cheap tools in their collection. The Kobalt 40v pole saw would even suffice for a smaller landscape company. If you had four or five of these in your fleets and stacked up ten batteries or so, you could keep multiple crews going and barely spend more than an expensive gas pole saw.

Kobalt 40V Pole Saw – FeaturesKobalt 40V pole saw image

In this Kobalt, 40V pole saw review we want to highlight all the features of this beautiful Pole Saw. There are so many features that make this tool a great feature to your tool arsenal. You will have all your neighbors chimping at their bits to get their hands on it, and whether you let them use it is up to you. All the features will give you the ability to make cuts just like the pros. You will be able to tear down your DIY list and tell your wife to put down the phone. There will be no need to call a landscape company next time there is a big storm because you can take care of it yourself!

If you’re looking for reviews of all battery-powered chainsaws, then you will find our best battery pole saw guide very useful.

Bar Length – 8″ Bar

The Kobalt saw has an excellent feature in its chain itself. The 8in bar is perfect for the average homeowner or the small landscape company. There are few pole saws offer larger chains.  A large chain is the most critical aspect of a cordless pole saw. Having an 8in bar will help you cut through anything that you’re looking to take down over your head.

Why do we recommend buying an ap ole saw from the upper tier of battery saws? A storm hits at night, and you wake up to assess the damage. When you’re looking around, and you have a down branch about 20fet up in your backyard tree. You pull out your ladder, pull out your Kobaly pole saw and throw in the fully charged battery. You align your ladder up in your tree, it’s rarely easy to find the kobalt saw bottom viewperfect spot, you grab your saw and take it up with you.

The first thing you’ll be glad about is you’re not starting a gas pole saw to take in the tree with you. They are hard to keep running and very heavy. So you get your saw up in the tree and line it to cut. If you have one of the smalle bars, you could have to readjust four or five times to get your saw to slice through the branch and allow it to fall to the ground; then your excitement will show when you line the saw up and make the cut once. That’s why we recommend purchasing the elite saw because you’ll be glad you did.

Auto-oiler and easy adjust system

Another reason you’ll be glad you spent a little bit more money to get the elite saw is that it comes with an exceptional auto oiling system. Keeping a chain lubed up while it’s in storage and while its making cuts are so vital to its operation and regular maintenance. If a saw is self-lubricating the chain as it cuts, then you get smooth cuts that aren’t choppy. You will be able to slice through a tree limb and keep yourself and your tool safe in the process.

Another important thing is keeping your saw oiled up during storage. The average homeowner isn’t going to use their saw every day. That’s just how life works. So when you have it stored, you don’t want to leave a dry or wet with water chain. Your chain will rust to the bar and move your product completely exposed to getting ruined. You spend hard earned money on your tools, and you want them to last.

One more feature included in this section of the Kobalt 40V battery pole saw review is the auto chain tensioner. When you use the auto tensioner, you will be ecstatic. Let’s face it; you’re never going to be using this product in ideal conditions. You don’t want to get out into the field and realize you got a loose chain, But it’s going to happen. You cant merely tighten the string with a socket on the outside of the product. Nothing complicated here, you couldn’t ask for a more natural solution. That feature alone was enough for us to justify spending the money on this saw.

Superior battery strength

Having an elite battery is a must when buying a battery pole saw. The array of this saw is the reason we chose it as one of our favorite saws to review. Many aspects make this saw tremendous but let’s face it when you’re out in the field; you don’t want to deal with your battery dying on you. Imagine being up in a ladder about to finally conquer the branch that has been bothering you for months. You go to pull the trigger, and you have a dead battery. You can’t deal with that. We recommend buying multiple cells anytime you want a cordless pole saw, but you still want the superiorKobalt Saw up high battery, the Kobaly stands up to the test.

The Kobalt 40-volt cordless saw gets up to 140 cuts of 4×2 treated lumber on a fully charged 2.5 Ah battery. That means you can cut down all the branches in your yard, and then still have the power to come back to them and cut them into smaller pieces that are easier to transport.

It’s one thing when a battery dies on you while you’re up in a tree, but it would also be a nightmare to be almost done with your job to find out you didn’t have enough to juice to finish the job. Now you have to plug it in and wait. You lose all your momentum. Then you might not even be able to muster up the motivation to come back outside and finish the chore. That’s a loss for you. That is the last feature we recommend in our Kobalt 40V pole saw review; we hope you found this review helpful.