Greenworks 40V Battery Pole Saw Review

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Are you looking to take care of that DIY list, make your significant other happy, and save yourself some money? Then you’re in the right spot. We have reviewed a lot of battery pole saws. But we have to admit that this is our favorite. If you’re looking for a Greenworks 40V battery pole saw then look no further for all the details on our favorite electric pole saw.

Greenworks is a brand that hasn’t been around for very long, and we waited until they built credibility before we reviewed their pole saw, but we have to admit they put out a great product. Their saw has been generating great reviews for a long time, and we have to agree.

There are many features of this saw that makes it the chief of the food chain, and we will go through them beneath.

Main Features – Greenworks 40V Pole SawGreenworks 40v

In this Greenworks 40V Battery Pole Saw Review we can’t stress enough how this saw comes stacked with features. This saw is perfect for a small landscape company or even for a homeowner. It is ideal for both because it is lightweight, it is safe, and it is powerful. Another thing that is great about this saws is that it is reliable. Battery tools are top notch when it comes to finding a safe product. 

If you’re looking for reviews of all battery-powered chainsaws, then you will find our battery pole saw reviews very useful.

8″ Bar – Superior Barn Length

The Greenworks pole saw comes with an 8in blade. An 8in edge is an excellent feature when you need it. An 8in branch is a pretty big branch to be cutting with a pole saw, but if that’s what the job requires then that’s what you’re going to have to do. You don’t want to be stuck on a job site, or upon a ladder, and realize that the pole saw you purchased isn’t going to be able to complete the job at hand. 


Chain Brake For Kickback Protection

Safety is one of the primary hallmarks of a battery pole saw. This saw would be perfect for a small landscape company, but most of the people that will purchase this saw are ordinary homeowners. An average homeowner typically means that someone who is different from pole saws will be using this toPole Saw Cuttingol. If used correctly this saw will never injure the user, but it is still encouraging to know that Greenworks went above and beyond when making this chainsaw trustworthy and capable.

Auto-Oiling for continuous lubrication

In this Greenworks 40V Battery Pole Saw Review we want to stress how vital auto-oiling a pole saw is. Keeping your pole saw lubricated is the number one most important thing when it comes to making significant cuts with your pole saw. If you have big chunky pieces of wood thrown from your pole saw you know things are working correctly. A saw should fling nice pieces out of the cut, and the wound should offer almost no resistance. A lubricated chain keeps things sharp and allows the chain the glide through the woods making your cut predictable. 

A lubricated chain also allows the chain to preserve the pristine condition. You will be able to store the saw for a while without worrying about the chain completely rusting and getting damaged. The grease fro the oil keeps metal lubricated and is essential in all small motor systems. Whether its the grease points on your mower or the chain on the pole saw. Self Lubrication is an obvious must. 

All in one System

The best part about buying a Greenworks saw is the fact that green works make a lot of other great tools that you can use on your outdoor fleet of equipment. The 40V battery was very surprising to us because it can power a lot of other material that we were expecting. You can get rid of everything you thought you need for outdoor maintenance and replace it with Greenworks tools. We don’t usually talk this highly about the products that we review, but the Greenworks 40V battery system is top of the line. This Greenworks 40V battery pole saw review has more to offer.

They have many unique tools that you don’t usually find in a battery system. That is why we see it be so elite. You can cut your grass, trim your yard, and blow off the excess grass all with one battery. It also has a lot of unique uses like a self-propelled weed eater. This battery couldn’t be more perfect for a small landscape company or the average homeowner.

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Greenworks 40V Mower

There are so many useful tools that come in the Greenworks, but the one that caught our attention the most was the Greenworks 40V Mower. It’s a 20in Mower that holds up to the power of a gas mower. The power is awe-inspiring and speaks volumes to the Greenworks 40V battery. This a tool that you want to add to your fleet late into your collection of Greenwork tools. Since the battery didn’t last as long, as far as runtime, like the other tools, we reviewed from Greenworks. 

Greenworks 40V Self Propelled Wheelbarrows

Another unique product from Greenworks. A self-propelled wheelbarrow is a tool that probably wouldn’t hold much value to a landscape company, because they should be able to push a wheelbarrow. A self-propelled Wheelbarrow would be perfect for an older adult or for someone who doesn’t do landscape frequently. This tool would be excellent for transporting mulch, flowers, and plants across your yard. An average homeowner wouldn’t find themselves building many rock beds, but we did see that this hold up to the challenge. 

You could also use a self-propelled wheelbarrow to carry sticks that have fallen in your yard. If you even have on the tree we know this a problem you have run across, so you could guarantee use out of this product.

Greenworks 40V Snow Blower

The last product we will mention is another unique one from Greenworks. It is a 40V Snow blow that has a lot of power. Just like the mower, it doesn’t run as long as other tools, but if you could keep 2-3 batteries charged, then it wouldn’t be much of an issue to use this on your property. An average two car garage will not stand a chance in the path of this snowblower, and we thought that was pretty incredible. The Snow Blower is the last thought in our Greenworks 40V Battery Pole Saw Review.