Battery Pole Saw Reviews – The Best Cordless Pole Saw in 2019


Looking for the best cordless pole saw to help you knock out your DIY List, then you’ll love our battery pole saw reviews. You can ask any lawncare expert, and they will agree that Battery Pole saws are the premier option for someone looking to take care of their own home.

Do you Enjoy keeping your yard trimmed up and maintenance/hazard-free? Of course, you do. One of the most challenging things for the average homeowner to accomplish is trimming and taking down branches in tall trees. Dragging a chainsaw up a ladder isn’t the safest option, and still, someones won’t help you reach the offices.Pole saw

The battery pole saw is the way to solve this problem. They’re a lot safer than gas pole saws, a lot lighter for more reliable use on a ladder, and they are also maintenance free.

And best of all, Cordless pole saws are way cheaper than gas chainsaws. Gas chainsaws are for people who run them every day because keeping batteries charged would be a struggle. Electric Pole Saws are perfect for a homeowner because the elite options can make over 100 cuts on one charge!

Battery Pole Saw Reviews 2019

If you’re looking for a quick rundown of the best battery pole saw reviews check out our top reviews so you can buy the one that suits you today

ProductBattery  SizePole LengthVoltsWeightPricingBest Deal
Greenworks 40V
Greenworks 40v
Large8 Ft40V15.3 lbs$160Where To Buy
Kobalt 40V
Kobalt 40V
Large8 Ft40V9.6 lbs$190Where To Buy
Sun Joe 20V
Sun Joe 20V
Compact5.2 – 9.2 Ft20V9.2 lbs$100Where To Buy
Worx 20V
Worx 20V
Compact9 Ft18V10.4 lbs$160Where To Buy
Black & Decker 20VBlack and Decker 20V
Compact6.5 – 10 Ft20V10.4lbs$150Where To Buy

Greenworks 40V Pole Saw

The Greenworks 40V Pole Saw is a tremendous option for a battery pole saw. When you’re purchasing a pole saw we recommend going with a 40-volt option to help you take down your high branches. The Greenworks 40V Li-Ion Battery System powers multiple tools for a complete arsenal to handle yard work.Greenworks 40v

The Greenworks Pole Saw comes standard with an 8″ bar which the perfect size for a pole saw. It can cut through very thick branches stuck up in your trees.

Next, in line, It offers a super-easy and convenient chain tightening system. A loose chain is the number one issue with a pole saw, and this saw comes with an easy solution.

There is a translucent chamber for your bar oil, to make sure you don’t run out leaving your saw in danger of breaking. The chain oil is crucial the keep the chain and bar lubricated.

Greenworks also offers a variety of tools that can help you complete your yard work. This 40V battery also works great for the Greenworks 40V chainsaw.

Where To Buy

Kobalt 40V Pole Saw

The Kobalt 40V pole saw is our second favorite option in the mid-size battery Pole saw Collection. The Kobalt brand is notorious for providing quality tools for homeowners to complete their tasks.  Kobalt 40V

The main positive to this saw is that it is much lighter than the Greenworks saw. The main negative with this saw is it is a little more expensive. So it’s just a preference for you to decide which is more important. We have provided the refurbished purchase option as we see as a way less expensive option that has been factory tested, so it is guaranteed to work.

It Comes with an 8″ bar as well as the Greenworks and boasts a 25% increase into run time. That might also justify paying more for this product.

These features are universal with the other Kobalt tools, so you can arm your entire tool collection with Kobalt if that’s the route you choose to go

Where To Buy

Sun Joe 20V Pole Saw

The first Compact saw in our battery pole saw reviews is the Sun Joe 20V Pole Saw. The Sun Joe is an excellent option for a HomeOwner to take down pesky branches up high.

Sun Joe 20V

This tool is fantastic because it is very lightweight, and provides the same power as the bigger saws, but the battery will not last as long.

Next, off we like the extendable pole. For the average user, you don’t realize how difficult it can be to cut branches on the ground or low branches close to the body if the saw doesn’t extend inwards. This saw can also extend past the bigger saw to cut branches that would’ve been just out of reach.

Next, in line, it as an automatic oiler that will extend the life of the chain and the saw, which is excellent for someone who doesn’t want to keep replacing their saw.

One Downside of this saw is that it has a 7.5inch blade which is smaller than either of the previous options.

To finish this is an excellent saw for the money. The battery, unfortunately, is not included though, so you will be spending up once its all said and done to buy a saw with a smaller battery.

Where To Buy

Worx 20V Pole Saw

The next saw we are going to review is a unique one. The Worx 20V saw is a 2 in 1 saw in the sense that it could double as a chain saw. You can remove the middle extension and then this saw and can use it with ease on the ground. Which you can accomplish with the trigger that exists on the saw itself to make cutting close to your body a breeze. The only disadvantage is the saw that you place in the air is bulkier than other options which can be a distinct disadvantage. 

The Worx 20V Pole saw Chainsaw combo, like all of our other saws, includes an excellent system for auto lubricating to maintain the life and durability of your saw.Worx 20V

Another great feature is the very comfortable grip that is on this saw; it is impressive for the comfort of the user. This saw is very safe and convenient for the average homeowner. 

Lastly, the Worx chainsaw is an excellent saw for the average homeowner, in the aspect of adding the advantage of the chainsaw. If you’re looking for a chainsaw as well, then look no further. 

Where To Buy

Black & Decker 20V Pole Saw

The Black & Decker 20V pole saw is excellent because of the brand that makes it. Black & Decker is a brand that has been around for forever providing the world with great, lasting tools. They also offer excellent customer service and an unparalleled warranty of their batteries to give you confidence when making a purchase. 

Black and Decker 20V

It’s the only saw we review in the compact category that includes its battery. 

The Battery is far superior to the other options in our battery pole saw reviews.

It boasts a 100 cuts per charge of your battery. That is more than enough to let a homeowner clean up his yard and move on their DIY list, and continue saving their household money by not having to hire a professional.

In short, this is an excellent purchase for you to make. You won’t regret it when this saw shows up on your doorstep. 

Where To Buy

Best Electric Pole Saw Oil

After reading these battery pole saw reviews now you are now well aware that pole saws require chain and bar oil from operating. All of the saws that we showed you have an automatic oiling system that keeps the chain and mount very lubricated and maintains their integrity. 

There is a groove that the chain sits on at the bar that provides lubrication as the chain continuously progresses through the revolution around the stationary bar. Abrasion and heat that is reduced by chain and bar oil which decreases wear on the engine and extends the life of your chainsaw.

We have found the best bar oil for an electric pole saw and presented you with two options. There is a high-end option for the user that wants to maximize the preservation of the saw, and also an option that will save the buyer some money.

Where to buy the Best Cordless Chainsaw?

You can discover the connection at the ensured least expensive cost in our Battery pole saw reviews table above. Accomplishing something useful for your yard has since quite a while ago identified with time escalated or confused procedure, a reasonable obstacle for some potential purchasers.

This procedure may have additionally lead you to the decision that once an item possesses choice, where might you get it without risking on overspending, or far more terrible, misunderstanding the question?

The frustration is particularly apparent when finding a solid spot to purchase an electric cutting tool.

We have meticulously done the exploration to locate the most dependable providers available that produce the best as well as the most secure electric cutting tool

We realize that the determination procedure contains specific dimensions of joy that may impact your voyage. Along these lines, we have made a point to give top to bottom surveys of the best saws available, with the goal that you can quit addressing where to purchase a cordless cutting tool

With inquiries like, “Where would I be able to purchase a cordless cutting apparatus?” likewise come separate questions of what specific battery cutting tools are worth putting resources into and why?

Should I give it a shot?

They work! Notwithstanding being the first class electric saws in client audits, the science demonstrates it. Client preliminaries have our rundown of a battery-controlled device is the vague characteristic answer for finishing your plan for the day.

Numerous audits have maintained our superior choice on the majority of our items have been by and by tried. We have given the client all the data to settle on an educated decision.

You would now be able to purchase an electric cutting apparatus with certainty. There won’t be uncertainty in your mind when you begin bringing down trees in your front yard. Your neighbors will be desirous when you disclose to them how great of an arrangement you got because you will realize you got the best cutting apparatus for the cash.

We Trusted these Battery Cutting tool Audits Helped you with your new buy.

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